They are one of the biggest dangers for our oceans: fishing nets that have snapped off or intentionally been thrown away. These so-called ghost nets can drift around for decades without control across the seas and are a deadly trap for many animals. Each year many million marine animals die in torturous manner in these ghost nets. These include: dolphins, seals, tortoises, sharks, sea birds and countless types of fish.

With Bracenet we want to take assertive action and publicly take a stance. Together with the renowned ocean protection organization Healthy Seas we retrieve these deadly traps, clean them and produce in craftsmanship a bracelet – the Bracenet.

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Your Bracenet is more than a bracelet, it is a personal and unique statement for protection of our oceans. Because every Bracenet means a piece of ghost net less. With this little accessory you will make a substantial contribution helping turn our oceans back into a paradise as they once were.

Bracenet donates 10% of the proceeds of each sold bracelet to our partner organisation Healthy Seas.

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Your Bracenet is a part of a real ghost net which are being salvaged throughout the whole year and in different parts of our planet by our partner divers. In the next step the nets are being cleaned professionally onshore. Then, a part of these nets is used to manufacture handmade Bracenets. Our statement for the protection of our oceans and an accessory straight from the sea.