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Euro donations

By selling our products, we raised more than €185,000 for Healthy Seas, Sea Shepherd, Pacific Garbage Screening, Ocean Voyages Institute, Viva con Agua, Charles Darwin Foundation, Huckleberry Finn Project and Doctors Without Borders.


Tons of fishing net upcycled

With your help we have been able to recycle over 5 tons of old fishing nets and former ghost nets into new products.



Thanks to donations to Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving, 200 divers around the world are diving for the ghost nets during demanding recovery operations.


The oceans are drowning in a flood of plastic waste. Right now, a giant trash vortex 4.5 times the size of Germany, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is drifting through the North Pacific. Many people have heard about this problem, but few know that 46 % of this consists of fishing nets that were lost or dumped at sea, so-called “ghost nets”. And this is only the beginning of the problem. Ghost nets drift freely through all of our oceans and pose an immense threat to countless marine animals. This is the sad reality of the underwater world, until the nets have decomposed after 600-800 years only to further contaminate oceans and marine animals with microplastics – unless we do something about it.


When we first encountered these facts, we were shocked. That’s why we made it our mission to retrieve ghost nets from the oceans, as well as to prevent them from polluting the seas in the first place. We strive towards a world where no more nets are drifting through our oceans, and Bracenet no longer needs to exist.


After we have transported, cleaned and sorted the nets with the help of our partners, we handcraft them into colourful bracelets in Germany. As we use the nets in their original form and colour, each collection is limited and every product is unique. But our Bracenets are more than just colourful accessories: they are a statement, a confession, a conversation starter. With a Bracenet around your wrist, you spread the message for the protection of the oceans – because every Bracenet more means one piece of ghost net less.


A great task lies ahead. Fortunately, we are not alone, but have great partners at our side: Ghost Diving, Healthy Seas and Nofir. Together, we are working to protect the oceans and liberate them from ghost nets, and to raise public awareness of their hidden threat.

Ghost Diving

Ghost Diving is a non-profit organization committed to fighting the threat of ghost nets. It consists of an association of technical divers, who recover nets from the oceans and thereby save innumerable marine animals.The initiative also raises public awareness about the ghost net problem and works with other organizations to achieve the greatest possible impact. Ghost Diving also closely cooperates with our partner Healthy Seas. Visit our Ecofluencer project to learn more!

Healthy Seas

Healthy Seas‘ mission is to cleanse the oceans of plastic waste in order to save marine life and protect ecosystems. To this end, the initiative works with Ghost Diving volunteer divers to recover ghost nets from the oceans. Nets that are suitable for Bracenets are then handed over to our partner Nofir for cleaning. Healthy Seas is financed by donations, and you support their mission with your Bracenet: We donate up to €5 for eachs old product to Healthy Seas to support the recovery of more nets. Together we have already donated €100,000 to the initiative. Visit our Ecofluencer project to learn more!

Healthy Seas


Nofir was established in Norway to develop a nationwide system for collecting and processing discarded equipment from fisheries. Fishing companies give their discarded equipment to Nofir for recycling, allowing the material to be given a new life instead of ending up in the sea.Since the company has received support from the European Union’s “Eco-innovation initiative”, it is expanding its activities throughout Europe. For example, Nofir also cleans the nets for our products in a special, environmentally friendly method before we handcraft them into Bracenets, dog leashes and more. In total, Nofir has already collected over 40,000 tonnes of old fishing equipment. Visit our Ecofluencer project to learn more!

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