Kids’ Bracenets

Every year, countless fishing nets get lost or deliberately discarded at sea. These nets are called ghost nets because they haunt the oceans and pose an invisible threat to all life under water. We want to put an end to this! That’s why we remove these nets from the water and upcycle them into many new products by hand, for instance our Kids’ Bracenets.

Our Kids’ Bracenets are available in a children’s size of 4.5 cm (6-7 years), 15 cm (8-9 years) und 15.5 cm (10-12 years). Is it too small? Then have a look at our normal Bracenets or our Size-adjustable Bracenets.

With their Kids’ Bracenet, your children actively help to remove plastic waste from our oceans.

We regularly donate to Healthy Seas to finance further recovery missions and preventive measures and support many other projects for the protection of the oceans and marine life.

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