Sustainable lanyards made from former fishing nets as your personal statement for marine conservation!

Our upcycled lanyards are a sustainable alternative to traditional lanyards and are made from old fishing nets. Old fishing nets unfortunately often end up as marine plastic in our oceans and threaten the entire ecosystem. We give them a second life and thus protect our oceans.

The lanyards are available in length 45 cm (circumference 90 cm), either as a variant with S-carabiner or key ring and carabiner in three net colors. Each upcycled lanyard is handmade in Hamburg, Germany, in a fair and local way, making it your unique statement for protecting our oceans.

Perfect for your team or next event? We look forward to your inquiry at [email protected]! Available in low minimum quantity and in other net colors and with individualized engraving. More info:

We regularly donate to Healthy Seas to finance further recovery missions and preventive measures and support many other projects for the protection of the oceans and marine life.

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