Fighting for sustainability through presentations

Is that even possible? Of course! Every thought-provoking idea has the power to trigger an inner change. Presentations are something like super-multipliers of the green message, as they reach up to hundreds of people simultaneously. More presentations, more rethinking, more change in the world.

Out of everyone, why are we giving presentations on sustainability?

Very simple: a lot of experience, expertise and commitment. As a consistently sustainable company that has been making an important contribution to ocean protection and a greener world for five years now, we know the challenges and the opportunities. We know how to achieve a tangible difference with good ideas and how to reach many people with the story; as our founders have previous experience – Benjamin was head of marketing at Bosch and Madeleine led art buying for major agencies. Added to this is the expertise of our colleagues through their varied studies in fields such as Biology and Environmental Management; on top of their social-environmental commitment, and their passion for a sustainable world. We want to share all of this in our presentations – because together we can achieve more.

Who have we networked with already?

We are widely connected, and every presentation expands this network. We have already presented at many trade fairs and events, for example at the boot Düsseldorf, the Katag Chief Conference and at the Senckenberg Stiftung. From workshops to sustainability consulting, we have worked together with many organisations and companies, such as the Körber Stiftung, Lufthansa and the University of Flensburg. Madeleine and Benjamin were also invited as experts on a research trip by sailing boat to Spitsbergen and by the Charles Darwin Foundation to Galapagos. Further, Bracenet is taking part in the 2020 UN Ocean Conference to share our experience in the fight for cleaner seas with the world.

What kind of presentations do we hold?

Whether we are presenting at trade fairs and participating in panel discussions or are invited by companies to conduct seminars and workshops: we share our knowledge and experience, suggest concrete solutions and propose ideas on how to take action individually. In doing so, we adapt our content so that everyone can take as much as possible with them. However, our message always remains the same: each and every one of us can make a positive contribution to sustainability, and so together we fight for a better world.

How can you learn from our experience?

We look forward to your inquiries at [email protected], and will happily come along to present on sustainability or marine conversation. Of course, we can also collaborate in other ways – let us know your ideas!

Teamfoto Bracenet