Saving the oceans, even when it gets colder? No problem with our beanies. Made of organic cotton and guaranteed plastic-free.

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With our products we collect donations for marine and environmental protection. So far, we have donated €250,000 to organizations such as Healthy Seas, Sea Shepherd, Everwave, the Ocean Voyages Institute and many more. €150,000 of that goes solely to Healthy Seas – actively supporting the recovery of more ghost nets and preventive measures. More to come!

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The 250 divers from Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving are traveling worldwide, braving wind and waves, to retrieve more and more ghost nets They have now recovered over 773 tons – roughly equivalent to the weight of 6 blue whales. Our donations fund, among other things, boat rentals, safety training, and diving equipment. Thank you for your help!

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After retrieval, the ghost nets are initially sorted and cleaned with water by Nofir. Then, we process them with loving upcycling craftsmanship in Hamburg into many new products, such as Bracenets and dog leashes. So far, we’ve given around 190,000 meters of net a new lease on life – equivalent to the length of a total of 8,000 sperm whales!

Beanies and old fishing nets?

Our oceans are drowning in the flood of plastic. What hardly anyone knows is that the majority of marine plastic consists of ghost nets, i.e. lost or deliberately dumped fishing nets. These nets do what they do best: Keep fishing. We salvage the nets and upcycle them into new products like our Bracenets, fairly handcrafted in Hamburg. With our teamwear you support our mission.

Our Bracenet team apparel makes a clear and stylish statement that you are actively caring for our oceans. The clothes are made of either 100% organic cotton or organic cotton with portions of recycled polyester.

We regularly donate to Healthy Seas to finance further recovery missions and preventive measures and support many other projects for the protection of the oceans and marine life. Learn more about our mission & our impact!

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