Orders & delivery
How long does shipping take?
What are the shipping costs?
How can I track my order?
Do you also deliver abroad?
Can I also view and buy Bracenets locally in a store?
Can I return or exchange my order?
What payment options do I have?
Where can I redeem my voucher or discount code?
How do I find the right size for my Bracenet?
How do I put on my size-adjustable Bracenet correctly?
When will a sold-out Bracenet come back?
How is the teamwear produced? Do you use organic cotton?
What kind of clasps do you offer for the Bracenets?
Are the Bracenets also available in other colours?
Why do some of the Bracenets have knots and others do not?
What do the names of the Bracenets mean? Were their nets recovered at the respective locations?
Are your products vegan?
Are your products waterproof?

How was BRACENET created?
What are ghost nets?
Where do your donations go to and what are they used for?
Who are Healthy Seas, Ghost Diving and Nofir?
Where and how are the nets recovered?
I found washed-up ghost nets on the beach. Can I send them to you?
Where and how are the net products manufactured?
How do you determine your prices?
Do you have a newsletter?
How can I contact you?

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