You found a ghostnet while diving or at the beach? You are an employee of the fishing industry and you do not know what to do with your old nets? If so, you are very welcome to fight with us against the issue of ghostnets.

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    Important: Data protection & privacy is very important to us. Your data will only be used for the communication with you and in order to be able to receive further information about your net.

    Images of the net
    I found the net .
    It has a knot distance* of mm,
    a knot thickness of mm
    and a total size of m x m.
    *this is how you measure the knot distance
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    Important advises

    • If you see a ghostnet in the ocean or ashore, you should remember that your personal safety always comes first.
    • Please be always careful during the transportation of the nets and please free caught animals carefully.
    • Please always check if the net you found, is actually waste or if the net is still in use and does belong to someone. We assume no liability for further processed nets.

    We would be very happy, if the nets, which are lying around, do not end in landfill or even in the sea. Since we are not able to proceed all kinds of nets, because we are only able to use HDPE material for our Bracenet manufactory, we have to check all nets carefully.

    We will give you a final feedback to your submission within 5 working days. You will receive the address to which you can send your net and information about how we can send or pick it up the most eco-friendliest way together with your feedback. To avoid gathering an unnecessary amount of net that we cannot proceed at the moment, we kindly ask you to send us no net without prior permission.

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