10 sustainable gift ideas for Christmas to protect our oceans

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Since it is a well-known fact that giving presents to others makes you even happier than receiving them, we have collected gift inspirations for you. These small gifts create long-lasting joy and at the same time contribute to marine conservation.

Receiving gifts is sure to make you happy – but giving presents to others will make you feel even more satisfied. Gifts that carry a meaningful message and contribute to environmental protection are especially thoughtful. Bearing this in mind, we have collected a few gift ideas for you which actively protect our oceans at the same time!

1. “Outlaw Ocean” – A Book about Lawlessness on the High Seas

A really good book completes a cozy evening in front of the fireplace. The following book also guarantees goose bumps and is the ideal gift for anyone who likes true crime stories: “The Outlaw Ocean” by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Ian Urbina. The New York Times reporter spent five years on water researching dangerous and illegal activities on the high seas – the area located outside the jurisdiction of any state. His captivating and shocking stories cover crimes from smuggling and theft to piracy and even enslavement. In our interview, Ian Urbina gave us some first insights into his exciting experiences on the high seas; and with the book you will learn much more. In addition to the book, we recommend our Arctic Outlaw Ocean Bracenet in a radiant ocean blue, which reminds of the high seas. It is available with an engraved Bracenet tag and supports the Outlaw Ocean Project with a donation. 

Bracenet Outlaw Ocean book Ian Urbina
The exciting book “Outlaw Ocean” by Ian Urbina guarantees nice hours of reading!

2. Cozy Bracenet-Beanie

Do you also like to take things slow in the holiday season to relax and be comfortable? Then you might also like to support the Slow Fashion movement with our casual Bracenet Beanie. The timeless, comfortable beanie in black, gray or blue is a real all-rounder and matches any outfit. These Bracenet-Beanies can also be washed with a clear conscience: Thanks to 100 % Fairtrade-certified organic cotton and our completely plastic-free Bracenet patch, no microplastics get into the water during the washing process. They are made for a great gift, as they set a strong statement for the protection of our oceans and at the same time for environmentally friendly consumption of clothes. 

bracenet beanie schwarz women
With the Bracenet-Beanies in black, grey and blue, your head keeps cozy warm during winter time!

3. Upcycling Mini Bag for All Essentials

The best gifts are those that make everyday life a bit more comfortable – like our Upcycling Mini Bag that offers enough space for all essentials like keys, moisturizer, cash and your mobile phone. And while it’s good at keeping your essentials safe, it has nothing to hide: The Upcycling Mini Bag is made of resource-friendly woven hemp fabric, recovered ghost nets and a high quality zipper from recycling material. Additionally, we have manufactured it by hand in Hamburg with the support of a small local sewing shop. 

Bracenet Upcycling Mini Bag Bering Sea
The Upcycling Mini Bag offers enough space for all your essentials!

4. Socks from Healthy Seas   

Trying to find a Christmas gift for family members usually ends up in the desperate purchase of socks. The good news is, this year you can support a good cause at the same time! Aquafil takes a part of the ghost nets that our partner organization Healthy Seas collects from the oceans and turns them into ECONYL Nylon Yarn® to create colourful but also plain socks. Your purchase supports further recovery missions and ensures that Healthy Seas can continue to free the oceans and animals from ghost nets in future. It’s a purchase with purpose!

Diver revocers ghost nets
A diving person recovers ghost nets, which are partly recycled to Healthy Seas Socks.

5. Keychains made from ghost nets

Did you know that we spend months of our lives rummaging through our pockets to find our keychain? This should urgently change, because we definitely can use this time better. So how about a Bracenet keychain made from ghost nets as a gift! Its colours are so bright and beautiful that you’ll easily find your keys in your bag. Furthermore, you can use the large loop to pick up your keychain or leave the keys hanging next to your door. 

Bracenet Red Sea Keychain
With the Red Sea II keychain, your keys won’t get lost in your bag any longer!

6. DIY hair and body soap

DIY-gifts are often the most valued gifts. That’s not a surprise, because after all, you can feel the love in them! And not only that, but you can determine exactly what materials you want to use. Take homemade hair and body soaps, for example. Unlike many shampoos and shower gels you find in the shop, you can ensure that they do not contain harmful microplastics (that would eventually end up in the oceans) but only biodegradable ingredients. You’ll find numerous instructions on YouTube and various blogs for making individual soaps with simple ingredients such as curd soap and essential oils. You can experiment freely with your favorite scents depending on your taste. For more DIY inspiration, check out our blog article with more DIY ideas!

Handmade soaps are a very unique and creative DIY-present – Photo by Aurélia Dubois on Unsplash

7. Bracenet from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Have you ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? This giant garbage vortex is located in the North Pacific Ocean and covers about four and a half times the size of Germany. Last year, the Ocean Voyages Institute conducted the largest clean-up ever seen on the open ocean. During this clean-up, the non-profit organization fished more than 170 tons of trash out of the ocean – including the ghost net we upcycled into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch II Bracenet. This beautiful, two-rowed Bracenet is a good conversation starter and supports further clean-ups!

Bracenet Great Pacific Garbage Patch II rosegold
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch II Bracenet with tag is an exciting conversation starter about sustainability!

8. North Sea II Earrings

Jewelry is considered one of the classic ideas when it comes to Christmas gifts. How about a timeless and eco-friendly alternative to conventional products? For example, try our North Sea II earrings in radiant blue made from ghost nets, with plugs made of skin-friendly, gold-plated stainless steel. We handcrafted these earrings with lots of love in Hamburg. They’ll really catch your eye!

Bracenet Earrings North Sea II
The North Sea II earrings also fit perfectly to the North Sea II Bracenet!

9. Recycling Tag from Scuba Tanks

In many cases, even small gifts have a great effect. Especially if they are unique pieces, like our recycled tags made from scuba tanks. How do we turn massive scuba tanks into delicate pendants? It’s quite simple: we found a small metal foundry in Hamburg that melted down old, discarded scuba tanks for us and turned them into new tags. This special Bracenet tag is a beautiful symbol for all those who have a close relationship with the underwater world.

Bracenet tag scuba tank silber with Red Sea Bracenet
A small metal company in Hamburg processes the old scuba tanks into the recycled tags.

10. Soulbottle x Bracenet

Have you already seen our refillable Soulbottle x Bracenet water bottles? The glass bottle is a practical gift for everyday life and an ideal replacement for PET bottles. With its leak-proof and dishwasher-safe features, the Soulbottle is a real all-rounder. Having a closer look, every detail is an eye-catcher and a highlight: the upcycled handle is made from former ghost nets and is handmade by the Lebenshilfewerk Neumünster. The beautiful illustration on the bottle was designed by artist Stefanie Haslberger and shows a diver from Healthy Seas rushing to the aid of an animal caught in a ghost net to draw attention to this important issue.

Verfangen Soulbottle x Bracenet
With the Soulbottle x Bracenet drinking bottle, you never have to transport water boxes again!

No matter which idea you like best or what other ideas you have: Christmas gifts that also contribute to environmental protection create real value and are much more than just a package under the Christmas tree. We wish you good luck with your search for the perfect gift and a wonderful Christmas season!


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