Sustainable Christmas: 24 Gift Ideas

Bracenet gift ideas sustainable christmas

Outside it is getting colder and inside it is getting more and more cosy. Punch, gingerbread & co. find their way back into our shopping baskets and Last Christmas does surprisingly not sound as annoying as last year. What does that mean? Right, Christmas is just around the corner!

Like every year, this pre-Christmas season is tempting, perhaps even more than usual, to start the online shopping hunt. Nothing against bought presents, but honestly, who is not happy about a homemade little something? With this blog entry full of sustainable DIY gift ideas we want to inspire you to try something new this Christmas. Because hey, if 2020 is not the year for something new, then when is!

From old to new!

We at Bracenet are true upcycling specialists and love to turn old into new. Old ghost nets, which would otherwise continue to cause trouble in our oceans, become bracenetskeychainsmask chains and much more.

As we like to share our love for upcycling with you, this Bracenet gift ideas also include christmassy upcycling ideas that you can easily implement at home.

Homemade instead of bought

Aside from sustainable upcycling ideas, we also put together creative DYI’s and delicious recipe ideas for you. These are perfect as Christmas or Secret Santa gifts, but also just for yourself. Make sure to let your creativity run wild and try yourself out.

All the ingredients and utensils listed below do not have to be bought new. You might want to ask your mum or your best friend if they already have some of the things you need at home. In case you do have to buy ingredients, make sure that they are preferably packed without any plastic.

We look forward to seeing your works of art and delicacies. Use the hashtag #bracenetxmas or tag us on your Instagram pictures. You can also take a look at our Instagram Reels, where we have published a short video for each gift idea!

We wish you a creative and happy pre-Christmas season.

PS: In case you don’t have the time yourself but still want to gift something sustainable with DYI factor, be sure to check out Less Waste Club. Less Waste Club produces powdered liquid body care products that, when combined with water, become a familiar liquid care product again (like shower gel/soap). This way, you not only give away great pampering moments, but also help to save disposable plastic and CO2.

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We upcycle old fishing nets into new products like our “Bracenet” bracelets. But where do we get all these fishing nets? And what’s the deal when we talk about “recovered ghost nets,” “discarded fishing nets,” or “former fishing nets”? Does a “North Sea Bracenet” really come from the North Sea? Can we trace the origin of all our nets?

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