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Insight into the B-Team

Today, there will be a special blog post outside the series.

I’m Ann-Katrin and have joined the team in March as human resources manager. In this article, I will share with you my experience during the application process, how we interpret leadership, some insights into our team and what Bracenet stands for.

You’ve probably asked yourself before who manufactures your Bracenets – at least when you finally held the lovingly wrapped, new Bracenet in your hands.

How I came to Bracenet

It’s a Thursday night, just one more click to send off my application. Do I really want this change after my one-year parental leave? It could be so easy to return to my previous job, where I still know almost all my colleagues, know how the bosses tick and what they value – CLICK, the email is gone, gone are the negative thoughts.

Attached to my email: the standard cover letter with a complete CV, certificates proving all the good things I have done before (well, I only sent one certificate, I couldn’t find the others – no risk, no fun). Just like we were taught to apply for a job, right?

But nobody wants part-time, now even with a child – 40 hours and more are surely better, so that no boredom arises. Anyway, it’s too late now. My thoughts: Hopefully they will get back to me next week.

Before the day ends, I update my mailbox once more. A new message! Subject: “Re: My application as human resources manager”. Thanks for your interest, let’s get to know each other next week in a café in town.

What was next? A great talk in a nice and cosy place, one day of trial work in the team and soon afterwards the contract in my mailbox. People around me asked: No second interview or unnecessary questions like “where do you see yourself in 10 years?”. Easy to answer: NO.

A few weeks later, my first day at work followed. What I took with me for my start: always give all applicants a good feeling, no matter how it turns out. Not that I haven’t tried to convey this in previous jobs, but it is easily forgotten and as an applicant you often get the feeling of being just one of many.

What is the work culture at Bracenet like?

Madeleine and Benjamin, the founders of Bracenet, are as relaxed as the interview was.

In their previous jobs they have seen a lot and learnt what went well, what employees want or how they can be involved. The quick response and the structure of the application process already made for a great start and of course you always need to know if it fits not only on a professional, but also on a human level.

In my second week, we had a team event.

Of course, we also have some rules for how we want to interact with each other at Bracenet, but let’s be honest: Everybody is annoyed when roommates don’t put the dishes into, but on top of the dishwasher.

Why is working at Bracenet so fun?

Good coffee and free mate, fresh fruit, team events. Nice to have, but is this the reason why we love to work in the netquarter and for a good cause? Nonsense. So is it really true, as our job advertisements promise, that we have no hierarchies and everyone can get involved? Definitely.

Every wednesday two persons prepare the lunch for the rest of the team.

We create new synergies and use our different experiences and backgrounds. Everyone can contribute to new products, work processes, trade fairs or even blog topics.

Paula and Pia manage our Bracenet delivery.

Each of us studied at university or completed a traineeship, for example in product management in a big company or working as a foreign language correspondent. But to handcraft products or to package them in a logistically sensible and above all sustainable way? We did not have so much experience in that before.

Bracenet’s mission inspires us, because here we can lend a hand to make a real difference. We are a strong and colourful team full of passion, in which you feel at home and like to grow. Of course, we also enjoy our freedoms at Bracenet – choosing our own work schedule, any form of part time work, taking responsibility, leading project groups and, well, maybe even the incentive to stay at the top of the kitchen list and win a weekend for two at the seaside.

Our team party: plastic-free of course 🙂

I’m very happy to be part of the team. Even if the current global situation presents us with a number of challenges, I am certain that this will only allow us to grow closer together and make a difference.  You can find our complete team here

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