Black Friday? We celebrate Circular Monday!

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Every year, shops around the world lure us with Black Friday promotions to encourage us to buy. Yet we can see the effects of mass consumption almost daily in the news: the consequences of the climate catastrophe, the exploitation of workers, plastic wate flooding our oceans. This kind of consumption is not compatible with sustainability. Circular Monday is trying to change that.

BRACENET sees itself as part of a circular economy. We remove ghost nets from the oceans with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving, upcycle them into new products in fair and local handcraft in Hamburg and regularly donate our proceeds to our partner organisations – over 200,000 € to date. In doing so, we deliver social and ecological added value to the world through our work.

In the spirit of the circular economy, we celebrate Circular Monday instead of Black Friday! We want to encourage you to make your purchasing decisions consciously and first consider: Can I upcycle, repair or borrow something instead? And if not, which brand will make a positive impact on the future of our world?

What is Circular Monday anyway?

We are convinced that we need to turn our economic system around for the future of our planet. We need a system that recycles resources to reduce the burden on nature: like the circular economy! Circular Monday helps to advance this goal. It takes place every year on the Monday before Black Friday and spreads a central message: “consumer circular”. Learn more about the origin of this day here.

That means: Before you go looking for the biggest discounts on Black Friday, take a look around your home on Circular Monday. What can you repair or upcycle, what can you use elsewhere or pass on? What’s on your shopping list, can you buy it second-hand or borrow it from family or friends? 

Circular Monday stands for conscious and sustainable consumption. It’s not about not buying anything, but rather about making thoughtful purchasing decisions when they are really necessary. Of course, it’s fine to take advantage of discounts – and it’s best to buy from brands that are part of the circular economy and fight to save our environment every day.

It’s important to remember one thing: let’s not condemn anyone for looking for discounts on Black Friday! Because often it’s simply about price and being able to afford something – not about people not caring about the environment. It is ultimately the responsibility of industry to switch to a circular economy.

What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is about using resources for as long as possible and always returning them to the product cycle. If a product breaks or is no longer needed, the individual components are recycled and used for new products. Raw materials do not end up in the rubbish, but remain in use forever.

We currently live in a linear economy. Typically, new resources are extracted and processed for new products. And when a product breaks down, it is disposed of in landfills or thermally recycled. This means that the raw materials are ultimately used up without any further benefit later on. 

To save our planet, we need to reuse resources and move towards a circular economy. We are leading by example – and by upcycling recovered ghost nets and end-of-life fishing nets into new products, we are saving marine wildlife and ecosystems at the same time. 

By the way: Should your Bracenet ever break, we will of course repair it for you – in the spirit of Circular Monday and the circular economy. No matter when you bought it, because it should last a lifetime. And if we can’t repair it again, we’ll melt it down together with our net offcuts to use the material for new products.

Bracenet or no Bracenet? Think about it!

Are you thinking about buying a Bracenet? Then we want to encourage you: Think about it consciously! Of course, we have prepared a few arguments for Circular Monday to help you make up your mind:

  • With your Bracenet, you help save marine life and ecosystems because it means one less piece of ghost net in the sea.
  • With your Bracenet you support marine conservation, because we regularly donate our proceeds to many great projects and organisations (over €200,000 to date).
  • Your Bracenet around your wrist is a strong statement for the protection of our oceans and a great conversation starter.
  • We are part of a circular economy, actively recovering ghost nets and upcycling them into new products
  • We personally handcraft your Bracenet for you in Hamburg with love. 

You have decided to buy a Bracenet? The oceans are grateful! Shop now.


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We upcycle old fishing nets into new products like our “Bracenet” bracelets. But where do we get all these fishing nets? And what’s the deal when we talk about “recovered ghost nets,” “discarded fishing nets,” or “former fishing nets”? Does a “North Sea Bracenet” really come from the North Sea? Can we trace the origin of all our nets?

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Our Collected Donatoins

With BRACENET, you’re making a contribution to ocean conservation. More specifically, a double contribution: With every product, you help put an end to the menace of ghost nets and simultaneously donate towards the protection of the seas and marine life. We’re thrilled to announce our first major milestone: To date, we have collectively donated over a quarter of a million Euros – €250,558!

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