sunfish Bracenet

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Jedes Bracenet ist ein Unikat mit Geschichte

Your one-of-a-kind piece made from fishing net.

Your contribution to saving the seas

Genuine craftsmanship.

The sunfish shines silvery-white in the turquoise water This bracenet including pendant with sunfish engraving is our first product of Ocean Week 2022. As always, for every product sold, we donate to Healthy Seas to fight together for the future of our oceans.   About the bracelet:
  • Nets used: Gulf of Alaska (white) and Mediterranean Deep Sea (turquoise inner strand of the Mediterranean Sea)
  • made from a piece of former fishing net (HDPE)
  • Approx. 2 x 4 mm diameter
  • thick magnetic clasp (6mm) made of silver stainless steel for a secure hold with Bracenet logo
  • Silver-coloured pendant with engraved sunfish
  • every product is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures
  • Nickel-free, waterproof & rustproof
  • Net salvaged, environmentally friendly cleaned
  • Handmade in Hamburg
  • upcycling bracelet made from a real piece of fishing net and magnetic clasp
  • knots and colour are from the real net
Strictly limited and only available today! You want to buy all five products? No problem, with the code “oceanweek2022” you get free shipping within Europe on every order during Ocean Week – just order again the next few days. We also wait a few extra days before dispatching these products so that we can send your collection in a climate-friendly bundle. And now: SAVE THE SEAS, WEAR A NET!   Many thanks to our partners: Logo Healthy Seas, Logo Ghost Diving, Logo Nofir   We regularly donate to Healthy Seas to fund salvage missions as well as preventative measures and support many other projects to protect the oceans and marine animals.