With Bracenet you will go on a journey around the world as an Ambassador of the seas to get to the bottom of the problems.

You love the ocean and are not longer able to watch its destruction and pollution without taking action? We’ve got the right project for you: you will travel around the globe for three months (May 2019 – July 2019) talking to politicians, polluters, looking into and sharing solutions. From South Korea to South America.


Your mission

We are going to finance a journey which will be a life-changing experience for you and of value to all of us.

1. Enlighten

While documenting your journey and your insights, together we will be able to share successful approaches with the world, via our social media channels. That way you will endow the seas with your voice.

2. Network

Across – often political – borders, ideas and committed people will be brought together by you. You will enlighten and debate with politicians, NGO`s, managers and dedicated people who want to change the world for the better – all of that from your point of view.

3. Influence

Starting in May and working hand in hand with us will you visit projects around the globe who are dedicated to protect the seas and introduce them to our supporters though pictures and videos. We assist you with defining your destinations, arranging meetings and wherever we can so you can be the first Ecofluencer.


Who we are looking for

You neither have to be an Instagram influencer, nor a journalist. All you need is three months of time, an open-minded personality, good English language skills and knowledge of video editing. We will provide you with equipment and cover your travelling expenses, meals and accommodation.

  • You are concerned about protecting the seas
  • You are older than 21
  • You are familiar with social media
  • You own a valid passport
  • You are the Jacques Cousteau of the 21st century
  • You are not afraid of water

Apply now!

Send us a self-made video ,showing us who you are and why you are the person we are looking for, via and/or post it on Instagram with #ecofluencer and @bracenet_savetheseas. We are already excited to get to know you and your contribution towards the protection of the seas.

It feels like green labels are the new business model in the supermarket. Only few of them keep what they promise though, or are transparent enough to show what they stand for. It is impossible for a consumer to see behind the curtain of each of them and make the right decision every day. We want to create a perspective and uncover already successful approaches through the Ecofluencer.
Madeleine from Bracenet
Our seas are the source of every life. But instead of treating them with respect, we pollute them to a frightening degree. One of the reasons is our consumption. We are aware that we can´t save the world with a small mission – but we are also aware that we are able to enlighten and create an awareness towards more sustainable forms of consumption. We want to give the seas a voice before it is too late.
Benjamin from Bracenet
This waste of fishing gear has to stop. It has enormous negative impact on mammals, birds and fish. By collecting discarded fishing equipment, we prevent discarded nets from going to the ocean.
Øistein Aleksandersen von Nofir
Every year, some 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear are left in our seas and oceans. It is a global problem that requires urgent action.
Veronika Mikos von Healthy Seas
We believe in collaboration, we cannot solve this problem on our own.
Pascal von Erp Ghost Fishing

That´s in it for you

  • 3 months of life-changing travel
  • You take action while others are only talking about saving the world
  • No salary, but meals and accomodation are on us
  • You keep the laptop and camera after the journey
  • You will have the chance to pass your divers licence, in case you haven’t done it yet but want to
  • You will be fully equipped with our Team Wear and a Bracenet Package
  • You will show our supporters how sustainable travelling is realisable, through taking actions with us towards the lowest ecological footprint possible during your journey
  • You will have a permanent sparring partner whom you can reach at all times

Do good and talk about it!

We are excited to hear about your project or suggestions and glad to answer your questions.


Application procedure

Who is admitted to the application procedure?
Every person from 21 years on might apply, the gender doesn’t matter. We are excited for every application that will be send to us!

How should I apply?
Send us a self-made video, showing us who you are and why you are the person we are looking for, via and/ or post it on Instagram with #ecofluencer and @bracenet_savetheseas. Application deadline is the 2019.02.28.

What requirements should I mind concerning the video?
The video should be at least one minute long and not longer than three minutes. It should not extend to more than 15MB, should be sd-480p video-codec H.264 (MPEG – 4 / MOV). In case of publishing your video on your Instagram profile, your profile has to be public and the video must not be deleted during the application process.

Will I receive a confirmation after applying online?
You will receive an email confirming your application when you choose to apply via email. You won´t receive a confirmation email when publishing your video on Instagram solely.

When will I know if my application was successful and what are the following steps?
You will hear from us until the 2019.03.15. If your voice for the seas convinces us, we will ask you to send in your CV and to tell us more about you. After considering the new informations we might invite you to one of two days (2019.03.23 – 2019.03.24) in Hamburg to get to know you in person. We will inform everyone who will be invited early in advance and give you all the information you will need, considering the following procedure.


Will I have a health insurance coverage during the journey?
Of course we will provide you with a health insurance coverage for the whole time of the journey.

Will I be admitted to the application process without a german passport?
You can apply with another passport than a german one. If necessary we will have to check differing entry requirements before you start to travel but this will not affect your application.

What will my accommodation be like?
Throughout the whole journey we will make sure that you will have safe and appropriate accommodation.

Will I be home at some point during the three months of travel?
Since we are trying to ensure that you will have the lowest ecological footprint possible and at the same time benefit from your time as much as possible, it is unlikely that you will be at home at some point during the three months of travel.

When will I be traveling?
The exact time will be determined jointly by us. From May we will start the detailed preparations together with you.

What kind of equipment do I have to bring with me?
We will provide you with all the equipment you need, while you will take care of your personal luggage.

Will I be traveling on my own for the whole time?
During your journey there are multiple settings possible. Sometimes you will be traveling on your own, whilst you will possibly travel with other members of our team at other times.

Can I decide where to travel to?
We will schedule every journey together and of course your ideas will be important to us.

Will there be a compensation for being part of the project?
There will be no compensation, but we will provide you with equipment and cover your traveling expenses, meals and accommodation, while you will cover your personal expenses. You will have 2,5 days each month available as a holiday after conferring with us.

Sustainable and ethical travel – how does that work?
As an Ecofluencer, you’ll talk about face-to-face issues and solutions, across global boundaries. So you will travel a lot, but sustainable as possible. Isnt`t that Impossible? Sustainable travel does not mean abandoning travel, but adapting travel behavior: traveling responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner, respecting local cultures and paying fair local prices, which in the end also reach the locals. One of your tasks will even be to show the community how sustainable travel can actually work.

Important: Data protection is very important to us. Therefore, read the privacy policy carefully in advance.


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