Ecofluencer on tour


ecofluencer [eco·flu·encer]

A person with the ability to influence environmentally friendly behaviour by promoting it on social media.


The Mission

1. Enlighten

While documenting the journey and the insights, together we will be able to share successful approaches with the world, via our social media channels. That way the #ecofluencer will endow the seas with your voice.

2. Network

Across – often political – borders, ideas and committed people will be brought together. The #ecofluencer will enlighten and debate with politicians, NGO`s, managers and dedicated people who want to change the world for the better – all of that from the personal point of view.

3. Influence

Starting in May and working hand in hand with us the #ecofluencer visits projects around the globe who are dedicated to protect the seas and introduce them to our supporters through pictures and videos.

The Casting

Stay tuned!

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