Ecofluencer on tour

  • Hamburg | 06. Aug
    Ecofluencer x Cirplus
    Our #ecofluencer Jenni meet Christian from Cirplus who has a solution to make plastics 100 % circular. The start-up Cirplus is building a global marketplace for recycled plastics: a B2B-marketplace for the plastic processing industry. Until recently companies didn't really want to use recycled plastics because it’s actually cheaper to…More
  • Cologne | 31. Jul
    Ecofluencer x Shia Su
    Our #ecofluencer Jenni visited Shia Su from Wasteland Rebel at her home in Cologne. Every single piece of unrecyclable garbage Shia has produced in one year fits into a mason jar. She shared some practical tips and tricks that will make trash-free living fun and meaningful for everybody. Are you…More
  • Trenton | 18. Jul
    Ecofluencer x Loop
    Our #ecofluencer Jenni visited #Loop -the milkman for the modern age that picks up and refills your favorite household goods. The global circular shopping platform sells products in reusable containers from major brands on its website. Customers place an order online, receive products in the mail, and ship the containers…More
  • Trenton | 18. Jul
    Ecofluencer x Terracycle
    Recycling the unrecyclable? Our #ecofluencer Jenni visited Terracycle, a company that recycles cigarette butts. The cigarette trash which is collected through Terracycle's "Cigarette Waste Recycling Program" is recycled into a variety of industrial products, such as plastic pallets, and any remaining tobacco is recycled as compost. Cigarette butts are one…More
  • New York | 16. Jul
    Ecofluencer x Billion Oyster Project
    Oysters, even though they may be small mollusks, play a vital role in their habitat. They are natural purifiers, which means they clean and filter water. One single adult oyster can clean about 50 gallons of water every day. Oysters also build three-dimensional reef structures that, like coral reefs, provide…More
  • Haleiwa | 10. Jul
    Ecofluencer x One Ocean Diving
    Our #ecofluencer had the chance to meet Ocean Ramsey, who is famous for swimming with sharks, free diving and advocating shark conservation. #Ecofluencer Jenni asked her about why sharks are important for a healthy ocean ecosystem.More
  • Honululu | 09. Jul
    Ecofluencer x Mike Gabbard
    Hawaii has become the first place to ban sun creams containing two specific chemicals in an effort to protect its threatened coral reef. Senator Mike Gabbard introduced the bill. The bill bars the sale of sunscreens containing chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, which some scientists say contribute to coral bleaching. Our…More
  • Denpansar | 04. Jul
    Ecofluencer x Coral Triangle Center
    Our #ecofluencer Jenni visited the Coral Triangle Center in Bali. Since its foundation in 2011, the CTC has supplied crucial knowledge and skills to thousands of people engaged in the struggle for a healthy and thriving Coral Triangle: people working on the ground in fisheries and in protected areas, scientists,…More
  • Lombok | 29. Jun
    Ecofluencer x Pituq Community Foundation
    Plastic lasts extremely long, and can survive a multitude of weather conditions, from extremely hot summers to cold weather. That's why recycled plastic is an ideal material for construction. Our #ecofluencer Jenni visited the Pituq Community Foundation in Lombok. With the help of local schools they teach children about waste…More
  • Denpasar | 18. Jun
    Ecofluencer x Avani Eco
  • Bangkok | 16. Jun
    Ecofluencer x Precious Plastic Bangkok
  • Mombaza | 11. Jun
    Ecofluencer x Charles Kosore Mitto
    In August 2017 Kenya introduced "one of the toughest laws" banning the production, import, sale and use of plastic bags. Our #ecofluencer Jenni was curious and visited Kenya to see how effective this drastic ban is. She had the chance to interview Charles Mitto Kosore who works in the directorate…More
  • Watamu | 08. Jun
    Ecofluencer x Ecoworld Watamu
    Our #ecofluencer Jenni visited #EcoWorld Watamu in #Kenya. It is a local solution to the global problem of marine plastic litter. This innovating community enterprise works to keep the environment and to recycle plastic waste for the benefit of the community. By partnering with the local tourism industry they take…More
  • Nairobi | 04. Jun
    Ecofluencer x FlipFlopi
    Boat made of recycled plastic and flip-flops in Kenya! Our #ecofluencer Jenni visited the world's first dow made from plastic waste! #Flipflopi gets its name from the 30,000 recycled flip-flops used to decorate its multi-coloured hull. The mission behind the boat is to demonstrate that single use plastic doesn’t make…More
  • Nairobi | 01. Jun
    Ecofluencer x SocialBnb
    How to travel sustainably and fair: Socialbnb in Kenya When Jenni visited Kenya as a part of the #ecofluencer Project, she booked her accomodation via socialbnb. She stayed at Shangilia, a children’s home with an attached elementary school in a slum of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. By staying there, she directly…More
  • Istanbul | 29. May
    Ecofluencer x biolive
    Our ecofluencer Jenni visited Biolive in Istanbul. They convert discarded olive pits into a biodegradable plastic. To learn more about it, check our video and let us know what you think.More
  • Athens | 25. May
    Ecofluencer x Enaleia
    Our ecofluencer Jenni had the chance to visit Lefteris from Enaleia, the first professional fishing scool in Greece. The focus lies on sustainable fishing methods. What do you think?More
  • Stratoni | 18. May
    Ecofluencer x Healthy Seas
  • Tauragė | 16. May
    Ecofluencer x Nofir

ecofluencer [eco·flu·encer]

A person with the ability to influence environmentally friendly behaviour by promoting it on social media.


The Mission

1. Enlighten

While documenting the journey and the insights, together we will be able to share successful approaches with the world, via our social media channels. That way the #ecofluencer will endow the seas with your voice.

2. Network

Across – often political – borders, ideas and committed people will be brought together. The #ecofluencer will enlighten and debate with politicians, NGO`s, managers and dedicated people who want to change the world for the better – all of that from the personal point of view.

3. Influence

Starting in May and working hand in hand with us the #ecofluencer visits projects around the globe who are dedicated to protect the seas and introduce them to our supporters through pictures and videos.

The Casting

Stay tuned!

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