fashion revolution week

Fashion Revolution Week

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, our founders Madeleine and Benjamin will go live on Instagram for a Q&A on April 23rd at 18:00! Join us and let us know what you always wanted to know about Bracenet. We will answer as many questions as possible!

What is Fashion Revolution Week?

Every year, over 100 billion items of clothing are produced around the world – and on average, we all have over 100 in our wardrobes. But do you know where they come from and who made them?

Fashion Revolution campaigns for a world where the fashion industry values people, the environment, creativity and profit equally and where we know the faces behind our clothes. The worldwide movement emerged after the collapse of the Rana Plaza textile factory in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013, with over 1100 fatalities and 2500 injured. A lack of transparency and low regard for the work put into our clothing created the insecure conditions that led to this tragedy. 

In the fight for change, responsibility and accountability, Fashion Revolution emphasises transparency – to give all workers a face and a voice and to ensure adequate pay as well as a safe place to work. During the week around the catastrophe’s anniversary, people from all over the world come together to demand that neither people nor the environment is exploited for clothing: Fashion Revolution Week. In 2019 alone, 1,800 events were held in 60 countries. The worldwide campaign is showing success: the Fashion Transparency Index score of the examined brands rose by 9% from 2017 to 2019.

Why and how do we take part in the Fashion Revolution Week?

We know how much work goes into clothing and accessories, and are saddened to see how much of it disregarded – both in clothing, by throwing it away, and in respect. We take a stand against this and promote slow fashion and appreciation instead. As part of Fashion Revolution, we believe in the power of transparency – to be honest with ourselves, to drive change and help others do better.

That’s why we want to answer everything you’d love to know: During a live Q&A with our founders Madeleine and Benjamin!

Where? Our Instagram page

When? April 23rd, 6pm

This is how you can participate in the Fashion Revolution Week yourself:

You too can contribute to Fashion Revolution and demand more transparency from your favourite brands: Send them an email (find a template here), tag them on Twitter with the questions #WhoMadeMyClothes and #WhatsInMyClothes or post a selfie on Instagram with the #WhoMadeMyClothes poster.

I made your jewellery
Transparent brands show the people behind their products. We introduce you to all our employees on our social media channels!

You can learn more here:

About Fashion Revolution Fashion Revolution Manifesto Evens during Fashion Revolution Week

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