Dog leash Labrador Sea


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Date of retrieval: August 2017

Leash color: yellow/white with green or blue accents

Leash thickness: 8-10 mm of HDPE (high density polyethylene)

Carabiner & Add-ons: clip swirl carabiner in antique brass optic made from steel, 25 mm width, 60 mm length, 10 mm inner diameter, wrapped with a weatherproof nylon cord


  • handcrafted with love and care in our Bracenet manufacture
  • Made in Germany
  • extremely durable
  • very robust and tear-resistant
  • water repellent and weathering-resistant
  • good grip
  • comfortable haptic
  • easy handling with the clip-carabiner


Size: The dog leashes can be adjusted in three different lengths. So you are prepared for every situation with your four-legged friend.

    1. 2 meter
    2. 1,55 meter
    3. 1,25 meter

Each dog leash is unique and can vary slightly in terms of appearance and size. All net ropes are seperated by hand from fishing nets and cleaned with little water before production. The upcycling product is handcrafted from net ropes that have either previously drifted in our seas or been abandoned by fisheries since they have became useless. We prevent them from polluting the environment and ghosting around in our oceans. Each dog leash more means one net rope less. The leash goes with you and your dog over hill and dale. 🐶

Go and enjoy the walk with your dog! 🐕

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