Glasses and mask chain Baltic Sea


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Jedes Bracenet ist ein Unikat mit Geschichte

Your one-of-a-kind piece made from fishing net.

Your contribution to saving the seas

Genuine craftsmanship.

The sun is shining, but you can’t find your sunglasses? You’re about to enter the train but forgot where you put your face mask? With our Bracenet glasses & mask chain Baltic Sea, these problems belongs to the past, because you’ll always have your glasses or face mask at hand! The stretchy loops fit around just about any glasses frame and the small carabiners fit securely around the loops of your face mask. A useful and stylish accessory made from former fishing nets! How about a colour-matching Bracenet as well?   About the glasses chain:
  • handmade from our net Baltic Sea
  • ocean green with orange accents
  • around 1.7 mm diameter
  • around 72 cm net length and 79,5 cm full length
  • made of a former fishing net (HDPE)
  • easily attached to masks with small carabiners
  • easily attached to glasses with strechty loops
  • comes with a small Bracenet tag
  • every product is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures
  • nickel-free, waterproof & stainless
  • net recovered from the ocean, environmentally friendly cleaned
  • handmade in Hamburg
  • upcycling product made of a piece of fishing net
  • knots and colour originate from the real net
(we only sell the chain, without glasses or mask)   Thanks to our partners:   We regularly donate to Healthy Seas to finance further recovery missions and preventive measures and support many other projects for the protection of the oceans and marine life.