BRACENET heart charm

Jedes Bracenet ist ein Unikat mit Geschichte

Your one-of-a-kind piece made from fishing net.

Your contribution to saving the seas

Genuine craftsmanship.

Join BRACENET in our fight for cleaner oceans! Because we make our sustainable bracelets from the most dangerous type of plastic waste: former fishing nets. We salvage ghost nets from the deep and intercept old nets from fisheries so that they don’t end up there in the first place. And with our stainless steel BRACENET heart charm you can now show your loved ones your love for them and the ocean!

Will you help us clean up the oceans? SAVE THE SEAS, WEAR A NET.

About the charm

    • heart shaped charm made from stainless steel
    • In silver, black or rose gold
    • With BRACENET engraving
    • Nickel-free, waterproof & rustproof
Thanks to our partner: We regulary donate to Healthy Seas to finance salvage missions and preventive measures and support many other projects to protect the oceans and marine animals.