Bracenet x Ocean Voyages Institute

Joint fight against the flood of plastic

It is estimated that by 2050 more plastic than fish will be swimming through the oceans. The Ocean Voyages Institute is facing this dangerous trend! The non-profit organization undertakes large salvage trips, in order to get all the plastic from the sea. In 2020 it has set a record: Its crew salvaged 170 tons of plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge garbage dump in the North Pacific. But that is not enough! That’s why the Ocean Voages Institue has set itself an ambitious goal: to fish a million pounds of plastic garbage out of the oceans, or over 450,000 tons.

An exclusive Bracenet from the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”




Ocean voyages collage

But what happens to all that plastic once it is on land? During the salvage missions there are also many ghost nets and we process some of them. So the new exclusive bracenet comes directly from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Just a few months ago it was drifting through the Pacific Ocean and was a threat to marine life and ecosystems. Now it is your statement for the protection of the oceans! It comes with a pendant engraved with the Ocean Voyages Institute logo as a sign of your support for the cleanup of the seas.

The “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is the world’s largest known garbage patch of plastic. It is more than four times the size of Germany and extends from the west coast of North America to Japan in the North Pacific. Researchers assume that ghost nets account for 46 percent of the patch.

About Bracenet

Fighting against ghost nets

 The oceans are drowning in a flood of plastic waste, almost half of which consists of lost or abandoned fishing nets. Bracenet recovers these so-called ghost nets and upcycles them into beautiful and sustainable fashion accessories. Up to 5€ of each sold product are donated to Healthy Seas to fund further net retrieval missions, saving oceans and marine animals net by net.