BRACENET unterstützt OCN dabei, Robben von Geisternetzen zu befreien.
BRACENET unterstützt OCN dabei, Robben von Geisternetzen zu befreien.


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Ghost nets: A threat to seals!

Pelican Point in Namibia is home to 50,000 to 100,000 Cape fur seals. Thanks to lots of fish and little danger, they feel comfortable here. But eventually, the inevitable happens when old fishing nets drift through the oceans – more and more seals become entangled and are often unable to free themselves. Fortunately, Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) is ready to cut them free! You can find videos of their rescue operations here.

Over 3,000 seals rescued

The OCN team has saved the lives of over 3,000 Cape fur seals to date. Of course, they collect the former fishing nets they cut free or find elsewhere to banish their threat forever.We have now upcycled a few of the nets they sent us into new Bracenets for you! Support the important work of the OCN with us and your very own Walvis Bay Bracenet!

Zwei fertige Bracenets liegen bei der Fertigung in Handarbeit auf dem Tisch, altes Fischernetz wird im Hintergrund zugeschnitten.

Will you donate with us?

You have two Bracenets to choose from! Both were made from former fishing nets from Walvis Bay, which OCN sent to us. For each of these Bracenets we donate 2 € to OCN. With our collective donation, the team will be able to rescue more seals, organize beach cleanups, raise awareness and rehabilitate injured animals. Thank you for your support!

Cape Fur Seal tag made from stainless steel in black or rose gold


Underwater ghost nets are threatening, but on land we turn them into colorful and beautiful accessories. But catch they still can – especially with our small tags they certainly catch every eye!