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The Bracenet Story

In 2015, Benjamin and Madeleine travelled to Tanzania and Zanzibar to relax and go diving. In addition to beautiful holiday memories, they also returned with the founding story of Bracenet. Read this article to learn how it all began and what we’ve achieved so far!

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Veganuary: Start 2021 with a vegan diet

New Year’s resolutions: First we love them, then we hate them! Many people view the new year as a time for new beginnings and intend to start it as healthily as possible. A conscious diet and a reduction in meat consumption are popular resolutions. However, far too often they fall to the back of the […]

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Social Sustainability needs Gender Equality

Team Bracenet – that’s who we are. Steadily growing since 2016, we are now 34 people. Consisting of 29 women and 5 men. Our founding team has also a good women’s quota with 50% – unfortunately, that’s not the typical case. In 2018, ⅔ of all founders were male. In 2019, this trend declined slightly […]

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Insight into the B-Team

You’ve probably asked yourself before who manufactures your Bracenets – at least when you finally held the lovingly wrapped, new Bracenet in your hands.
I’m Ann-Katrin and have joined the team in March as human resources manager. In this article, I will share with you my experience during the application process, how we interpret leadership, some insights into our team and what Bracenet stands for.


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