Pier wood keychain


Have you heard? Scharbeutz and Haffkrug are getting new piers! But the old, popular piers are also going to live on – just in a different form. That’s why the Tourismus-Agentur Lübecker Bucht has put together a team of regional workshops, artists and companies to transform the old pier wood into new memories under ecologically, economically and socially sustainable criteria. 

For example: these keychains! First, master carpenter André Wolf gave the pier planks their new shape in his Ahrensburg workshop, drilled a hole for the keychain and engraved the wooden pendant with a laser so you can see right away whether the wood comes from Scharbeutz or Haffkrug. Next, we at BRACENET upcycled former fishing nets into matching keychains in elaborate handcraft. Finally, the social enterprise STIFTUNG MENSCH, in which more than 1,100 people with and without disabilities work together, assembled both into the finished product and packaged it with the product label in a sustainably certified jute bag for sale.

The result: real pieces with a history, which at the same time contribute to the protection of our oceans!


  • original pier wood from Haffkrug and Scharbeutz.
  • net application Baltic Sea, gray with white blue accents
  • stainless steel tag with Bracenet logo
  • weight: ca. 35 g


  • old fishing nets cleaned in an environmentally friendly way
  • Net loop handmade in Hamburg
  • Wooden pier piece handmade in Ahrensburg

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We’d like to thank our partners:

Bracenet partner organizations: Healthy Seas, Ghost Diving, Nofir

We regularly donate to Healthy Seas to fund salvage missions as well as preventive measures and support many other projects to protect the seas and marine life.