Ocean Turtle Beeswax Wraps


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With the practical Ocean Turtle beeswax wraps by gaia x BRACENET your kitchen will be freed a little further from plastic. The sizes are chosen so that you can cover any bowl and say goodbye to conventional cling film.

How to use:

  • Warm your hands and scrunch up the cloth, the body heat will make it soft and easier to shape.
  • For example, wrap a bowl with the beeswax using the heat of your hands. This makes the wrap pliable and easy to attach to the object and stays exactly where it should be;
  • When using in the freezer, make sure that the product is completely wrapped so that no air can get to the frozen food.
  • After use, clean the cloth under cold water and then let it air dry well.


  • Meat and fish should not be wrapped in beeswax wraps for hygienic reasons.
  • Do not put your beeswax wraps in the dishwasher or the wax will melt.
  • The beeswax cloth is not a base for cutting.
  • Do not put the cloth in the microwave and do not cover hot food with it, otherwise the wax will melt.



  • Cotton [1]
  • Bees’ wax [1]
  • Jojoba oil[1]
  • Tree resin
  1. From organic farming

About the design:

  • For Plastic Free July, we asked our communities to create designs for the collaboration wax cloth. Jasmin Limberg’s design “save the seas” won the Instagram vote!


Many thanks to our partners:

Jasmin Quote about ghost network design

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