Bracenet x Saatgutkonfetti Bundle

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It’s finally time to celebrate with your loved ones again? Then how about our ocean edition of “Saatgutkonfetti”! It’s compostable confetti in ocean-themed shapes with seeds from 24 native plants. It doesn’t only provide extra fun at birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, but also creates new habitat for bees and other wildlife. Together with our Ionian / Mediterranean Sea Bracenet, it makes an ideal gift – and when the plants burst through the earth next year, the memories of the celebration will sprout up again with them.

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About the confetti: 

  • 20 g compostable confetti from starch with seeds of 24 native plant species
  • Ocean-themed shapes dyed blue, green and yellow to match the Ionian / Mediterranean Sea Bracenet
  • Provides home and food for (wild) bees, other insects and small animals
  • 100% vegan, organic and plastic-free, only natural dyes

About the Bracenet: 

  • Double-rowed, around 2 x 3 mm diameter
  • Ionian Sea (blue) and Mediterranean Sea II (yellow/green)
  • Made of a former fishing net (HDPE)
  • Extra thick stainless steel magnetic clasp (6mm) for secure hold in black matt with engraved Bracenet logo
  • Matching black tag with “Make friends with plants” engraving
  • Every product is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures
  • Nickel-free, waterproof & stainless
  • Handmade in Germany


    Thanks to our partners:


    We also regularly donate to Healthy Seas to finance further recovery missions and preventive measures and support many other projects for the protection of the oceans and marine life.


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