Ecofluencer x Mike Gabbard

09. Jul | Honululu

Hawaii has become the first place to ban sun creams containing two specific chemicals in an effort to protect its threatened coral reef. Senator Mike Gabbard introduced the bill. The bill bars the sale of sunscreens containing chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, which some scientists say contribute to coral bleaching. Our #ecofluencer Jenni had the chance to meet him and talk to him about his political efforts to protect our oceans.

Jenni is our ecofluencer with an unconditional love for our 🌊... and potatoe chips. She might not be much taller than a 🐣, but that doesn’t stop her from reaching for her goals, one little waddle at a time if needed. When she isn’t 🎥 about ocean conversation, she loves to step dance around the world or dives through the sky 🌤 Her biggest adventure yet was swimming with 🐋 sharks in Australia.