As a fiduciary asset manager, DWS is committed to shaping an economy that is both stable and sustainable while putting the needs of our people and planet first.  Among the environmental initiatives that DWS supports is Healthy Seas, a non-profit organization which aims to clear and protect oceans of waste ‘ghost fishing’ nets. These fishing nets – which have been lost or deliberately discarded – take up to 600 years to decompose and therefore constitute one of the greatest threats to marine life and plants in our oceans.

To address this problem, Bracenet was established as a partner group of Healthy Seas as a way to recycle and reuse these fishing nets as accessories.

Despite the current challenges, we are looking to 2021 with optimism and want to thank you for your great contributions throughout this year. We hope you will enjoy our little holiday gift.

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Full speed ahead!

We wish you and your family a happy holiday and a successful New Year 2021!

About Bracenet

Today Bracenet recovers ghost nets from depths of up to 50 meters in oceans around the world in a bid to save marine life and preserve ecosystems.

After they recuperate the nets, they clean them in an environmentally friendly manner, before processing them into Bracenets, and more. Each product is handmade in Hamburg and carries the soul of the sea.

The monetary advantage ‘geldwerter Vorteil’ is covered by DWS, according to §37b EStG.

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