Bracenet x Soulbottles

We have found a very special cooperation partner with soulbottles. Soulbottles has been fighting for clean, safe water and against plastic waste since its founding. We are aiming for the protection of our oceans. United we have a mission: Save the seas!

In May we jointly proclaimed a design contest , to find the perfect cooperation soulbottle design for you.

The winning motive “coral world” of Annika Metze

Annika Metze has become the winner of the public voting with her motive “coral world”. We love it! The beautiful motive takes us into the magical world of the deep oceans. We also have a special carrying handle made of salvaged ghost net and a Bracenet.

Our Oceans: A little magical and sometimes absurd. And this great world is threatened by humankind in many ways. Also through ghost nets. I wanted to make this threat visible.

Annika Metze (designer of the winning motive “coral world”)