Ecofluencer x Cirplus

06. Aug | Hamburg

Our #ecofluencer Jenni meet Christian from Cirplus who has a solution to make plastics 100 % circular. The start-up Cirplus is building a global marketplace for recycled plastics: a B2B-marketplace for the plastic processing industry. Until recently companies didn’t really want to use recycled plastics because it’s actually cheaper to buy new plastic than recycle old plastic. But recently a German regulation (German Packaging Law/ VerpackG) forces them to use it more in their products to fight the plastic crisis. The new regulation requires a recycling rate of 58.5 percent for plastics from packaging waste, instead of the previous 36 percent.

Jenni is our ecofluencer with an unconditional love for our 🌊... and potatoe chips. She might not be much taller than a 🐣, but that doesn’t stop her from reaching for her goals, one little waddle at a time if needed. When she isn’t 🎥 about ocean conversation, she loves to step dance around the world or dives through the sky 🌤 Her biggest adventure yet was swimming with 🐋 sharks in Australia.